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Lender Services
Management & Owners Representation
Construction Monitoring

Lender Services

Our Lender Services role is aimed at Banks, Financial Institutions and other Stakeholders.

We undertake Technical Due Diligence on construction projects where a loan or equity component exists. This includes a detailed analysis of the project particulars, assessment of risk, development of mitigation strategies and monthly inspections and reporting.

Our proactive approach seeks to identify risks and offer solutions that assist our clients in the decision making process during the construction drawdown period, thus maintaining adherence to the finance agreement and compliance with lending requirements.

Development Management and Owners Representation

Our Development Management and Owners Representative role encompasses the whole lifecycle of a development project.

A Development Manager / Owner’s Representative plays a pivotal role in the development and construction process, serving as the principal advocate and liaison for the project owner throughout the entire development process.

LAM acts as the owner’s trusted representative, overseeing and safeguarding the owner’s interests from project initiation to completion.

With services tailored to suit our clients experience, we can step into every stage of the project from initial conception through Budgeting, Design, Procurement and Construction. LAM Development Solutions guides you through the process allowing you to make informed decisions that meet the project goals and objectives.

Our industry partners link you to a variety of real estate professionals to facilitate other aspects of the development vital to its success. From Brokers to Designers and Financial Institutions to Lawyers, LAM Development Solutions can connect you with local experts, the primary aim of which is to streamline the development process.

Construction Monitoring

Construction Monitoring is a hybrid of our other core services. Aimed at Lenders and Owners who need a third-party review of works on site without the preconstruction services.

Our Construction Monitoring service suits clients with a limited scope or are comfortable self-performing aspects of the pre-construction work.

For Developers we can provide the same level of service as our Owners Rep., or tailor a scope based on the client and other stakeholder experience.

For Lenders and Financial Stakeholders an on-site monitoring service suits those with experienced Borrowers with a track record of successful developments yet requires reporting as compliance with finance agreements.

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